Director of Studies


Our record as one of the best schools academically in the country since inception, has been maintained over time. This has been possible for we nurture the girl child into a God fearing and holistic citizen, as our mission states, “Educate a girl, educate a nation”.

As a school, we give Glory and honour to God for Mother Mary Kevin Kearny (Servant of God), the founder. We cherish you Servant of God and ask you to always intercede for us.

What makes us unique and academically sound in the world of education, is our excellent performance at all levels especially during National Examinations. This is always achieved by the facts below: 

  • A well trained and qualified teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • A committed and motivated staff.
  • Fully furnished library and computer laboratory.
  • Formation of the girl child basing on the principals of the catholic doctrines.
  • A conducive teaching and learning environment.
  • Imparting good morals amongst the learners.
  • Equip the girl child with leadership skills that gradually perfect a sense of responsibility and leadership by example.
  • Teach pupils practical skills that enable them to be self-reliant and above all,
  • Teach pupils to walk in truth before God and man as the school motto states.

Besides that, we also concentrate on talent development through co-curricular activities such as; games and sports, Music, Dance and Drama. We also have clubs such as the Writer’s club, Girl Guides, Debating club, Legion of Mary, Red cross, The Xaverians, Environment protection club and the Pontifical Society of Holy Missionary Child hood.

Occasional study tours are another aspect of teaching through exposure which aids practical learning.

Lastly, we testify the fine quality of ladies who have gone through this school, some of whom have risen to high positions of responsibility in our country and beyond.

 Ms. Mukiibi Teddy

Mathematics Department

Long before, Mathematics was mistaken by many for being a difficult subject in which girls could hardly excel. However, here at St. Agnes Catholic Girls’ Boarding Primary School Naggalama, this theory has been disapproved over time.     

As St. Agnes Catholic Girls’ Boarding Primary School Naggalama teachers of mathematics, assert that passion, attitude, teamwork, use of instructional materials, use of practical methods, consultation within ourselves, are the driving factors. The above arouse the children’s interest automatically.

We always expose our girls to inter school quiz and spelling bee competitions, mathematics contests, mental work during class and assemblies, practical lessons which all aid memory and discovery.

This has helped to raise the standard and excellency in the subject over the years and is the reason for the good results we always post at National level.

 Head of Department


Science Department


Our education system as a country encourages teaching that imparts skills in children to help them not only pass exams but also cope with life outside school. To achieve that, the Nation Curriculum Development Centre designed a competence based curriculum that enables a learner to acquire skills that can support them in life.

As teachers of science in St. Agnes, we always make sure that we implement what the curriculum recommends not only to help learners pass exams but also enable the girls to practice what they learn.

To enable girls acquire basic science skills, we make sure we practically teach our lessons, there in, learners are able to apply the knowledge they have acquired in real life.

We are aware an accident can happen anywhere at any time, the practical approach as demonstrated makes learning real.

Picture of girls demonstrating how to give first aid to a fainted victim


Picture showing how to give first aid to nose breeding

A picture of a girl demonstrating how to give first aid to person with high fever.

A picture of girls demonstrating how to give first aid to a victim with a foreign body in the ear.

By Kaali FRED

Social studies Department

The academic performance of the girls in social studies has been gradually improving year after year at the national level.

The girls have been able to achieve their desired academic goals because of mainly the following factors:

  • Regular genuine assessment of girls by the teachers. The girls are assessed fortnightly, monthly and termly.
  • Remedial exercises given to the slow achievers in order to boost them.
  • The study tours which have help to expose girls to many things in the environment. Here we focus much on incidental learning.

These and many other factors will go a long way with us to keep up academically as far as Social Studies is concerned.

Mr. Kalema Robert

E- Learning Department

As the COVID-19 wave came, we had already started using digital content in our school and in classes. Spending almost two years at home, for many of the Ugandan children made learning boring to the children and tiresome to teachers.

Teaching using electronic learning materials embedded with videos, Pictures, sounds, animations and simulation makes all an interesting process for both the learners and teachers. Investing in learning electronically in St Agnes in now the way to go if you join us.

However, this calls for digital competence within our teachers to handle the program befitting the post Covid-19 learners of the 21st century. Prior preparation is key in preparing to use the already designed content to make it more suiting.

Having realized the speed at which the world is moving towards virtual learning and teaching, asserts the need to learn by exposure for which at 100 years, St Agnes is at the fore front. An applause to the administration for this innovation.

For teachers elsewhere, embrace the new norm and go digital, for parents, ST Agnes is the school, for learners feel the modern learning, and for employers, we need to think of employees who are computer literate to cope up with the digital age.

We shall always give the best to our children in all spheres especially academics.


Buyinza Richard